Saturday, 26 June 2010

Exciting opportunity

A vacancy has arisen in our bakery.

We are looking for someone who is able to lead a team and has a strong creative flair.

Although full training will be given, the ideal candidate would have a background in catering- preferably patisserie.

A flexible working attitude and full commitment to the role are essential.

Please email a CV to in the first instance.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

This weeks guest blogger- Omar Soliman.

It's the same routine every week and for some reason I never see sense to change it. The weekend has arrived but a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon are spent sweating out in preparation for the debauchery which will ensue. This particular routine of lie-in then gym probably does not differ from most. After the endomorphins have kicked in and the adrenaline is pumping, the hunger pangs begin and where do I decide to walk? That's right, through the Winter Gardens and past Fancie. You can't smell the cupcakes but as soon as that giant pink sign rears its head round the corner, my eyes (and my stomach) are already paying the most devoted attention.

Do the sums. 1000 calories, 90 minutes, and a shower. Do you bank the lost pounds or chomp down on some well deserved cupcakes? The heart and the belly prey give in, but the head says no. Temptation is indeed an awful thing when the sin is so heavenly. Dammit. Next time I'm getting the bus home. Or maybe just another double session on the crosstrainer.