Saturday, 19 July 2008

Faaabulous new photos!!

Its been a while since we have told you about how wonderful we are, so here is some serious self appreciation for you...

The genius that is Mr Spendiff has been working hard at our cakey portraits again. Have a look at the site and I think you'll agree he's done us proud... Aaaaah, aint we cute!!

We have been sooo busy of late, the Fancie. girls are working hard to get those cakes to you and we are getting some wonderful praise in return. Look out for some exciting Fancie. based giveaways over the Summer, you lucky things, you!

Join our Facebook page too, there you can keep up with all our latest news and feast your eyes on our beauty while at your desk... That should help your day pass!! Just search under Fancie Cupcakes and you will find us!

Speak soon! xx

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