Thursday, 24 September 2009

Brrr.... now where did I put my scarf??

Every year I seem to forget just how much I love Autumn, that is until I reach for my pashmina (that doesn't leave my neck again until at least the following June) then I know that I can sit drinking hot chocolate, eat rich spicy cake and  put the heating on without feeling like I'm being indulgent! I am so excited about all the festivities over the coming months and the Fancie kitchen is a-buzz with developing flavours, designing ranges and testing out recipes (its a hard life!).

So get ready folks, because we are going to help you party the rest of 2009 away in a sea of cake- Halloween, Bonfire night and of course, Christmas are all in the bag at Fancie, pictures to come soon!!

As an after thought... where HAS this year gone????

See you all soon for tea and cake xx

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