Saturday, 24 October 2009

Think Pink @ Fancie

So, a very good friend of Fancie's has set herself the challenge of raising £4000.00 for Weston Park Hospital, which if you don't know is the excellent Cancer treatment center in Sheffield.
Her Mum unfortunately passed away after receiving their amazing care throughout her treatment. 

This has spurred Gaynor on to take on some crazy challenges to raise money for them, the latest one being a Triathlon, followed by a 9 Day TREK through New Zealand! 

We are a million percent behind her and are delighted to be helping where we can with hitting her target. 
So..... This Friday 30th October is National Breast Cancer Awareness day. We are holding an event at the shop to raise lots of lovely cash and have a right old pamper at the same time.

Come along and enjoy Pink Cupcakes, Pink Fizz and a mini treatment courtesy of the ladies at Beauty Care, Sharrowvale Rd. Tickets are just £15 with ALL proceeds going to Weston Park.

Please show your support, we'd love to see you there! xx

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