Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Fancie 'Happen to be's'

  Fancie goes Vegan!

So we tried these out today.... 

They are fabulous on so many levels:

* Vegan
* Low Fat
* Low Sugar
* made using Pumpkin oil from a local company (we love using local)

Most important of all they are completely delicious! Think a rich, moist carrot cake with a really deep nutty taste and a lovely light lemon finish and you are somewhere close.

We have so many requests in for special diets but it is really important for us to delivery a product which not only meets dietary requirements but is absolutely delicious and would appeal to all our customers. I describe these as our 'happen to be's' because they are a delicious treat in their own right but happen to be vegan or dairy/ gluten free!

The Pumpkin oil we used is so versatile and really delicious, you can use it for everything from bread dipping to salad drizzling to using to cook with. Get it from here http://www.pumpkinoil.co.uk/

Look out for hese and other delicious 'Happen to be's' in our stores of the next few months! Xx

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