Sunday, 4 May 2008

Design-a-cake Parties....

OK, so here's the idea.... you have a room full of screaming darlings, all there to celebrate your particular darling's Birthday. What would you do for 30 minutes rest? Well fear not, Fancie are here to save the day.

Incorporating children's entertainment and the Birthday cake, we will be on hand to dish out and, along with your child's input, design and personalise each cake.

This can be done during the party or can be part of the entertainment... providing you with that much needed rest I mentioned!

The cakes will be freshly baked, we will arrive along with bags of sprinkles, various coloured icings (all natural of course!) and toppers which they can choose from to design their own li'l masterpiece!

So, not only will you have an interactive Birthday cake and 30 minutes rest, but you may also discover you have your very own Delia in the family!

Get in touch for more details and to book your party, you will also see us at various Summer Fetes this year spreading the Fancie word, so be sure to say hello! xx

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