Sunday, 4 May 2008

Get your pinny off!!

So, the evenings are getting lighter, the sun keeps threatening to shine, and I can almost hear the male population clambering to prepare the Barbecue ready for the first soiree of the season...

Now I don't want your sympathy (well, just a little maybe) but this summer, rather than enjoying burnt sausages and Pimms, we will be delivering our tasty treats all over South Yorkshire (and just a little over the border too) ready for you to impress your guests- not that I'm suggesting for a minute you would pass them off as your own.... oh no!

A particular favourite for the more discerning guest is proving to be our Gourmet range- a cross between a Cupcake and a desert, these little pots will drive your guests.... well, potty (sorry!) Perfect for the poshest of parties and subdued soirees alike these little devils always dress to impress.

We are currently creating; Tiramisu, Raspberry, White Chocolate and Amaretto, Lemon Cheesecake, Banoffie and Snickerlicious and introducing new flavours all the time, so keep your eyes peeled or get in touch if you have a particular favourite that you would like Fancie to work its magic on.

The thing about these little beauties is that by the time the food is burnt *ahem* cooked and the bottles have been drained, you really don't want to be messing round with bowls of trifle or the latest chocolate creation.... Our tasty treats are delivered in their own little perfect package which they can be eaten straight out of and then tossed right in the bin- that's right, no washing up either... I know, I really am too good to you!

Priced at £6 for 4, you need never put your pinny on again... just sit back and enjoy a burnt sausage and Pimms on us! xx

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