Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Fancie. Faces

It was dark and miserable as I walked out of work. I noticed the colours had changed on the trees. No longer a glorious glowing green, but a multitude of oranges and reds, it was officially autumn. Usually I love to see the colours change, but today had officially been the day from hell, not only the day from hell but a shockingly awful week.
As I wandered home I listened to my iPod while events of the day started recalling through my mind. If only I hadn’t slept through the alarm, if only I’d had to time to answer all those emails, if I only stay awake through the 2 hour meeting, if only not spilt my lunch down my brand new top. If only everything had just gone to plan.
As I continued on my journey the sky turned black and the heavens decided to open. It was silting it down, proper pouring. With no umbrella or jacket it was the perfect end to such an unfortunate day. Dodging puddles I kept on walking, I wasn’t that far from home. All I could now think of was reaching my destination, climbing into a hot bath and relaxing all my thoughts away. Hot bath, relaxing front of the TV with a large glass of wine was my mantra through the last five minutes of speed walking up the hill.
Walking through the door of the place I called home, it was suspiciously empty. The boyfriend who usually greats me with stories of how his day been notably wasn’t around. As I looked around I all saw was a huge box left on the table with a post it tacked on the top. It simply said ‘enjoy’, as I opened the box there was the biggest Fancie cupcake sat inside, you know the ones that are usually reserved for birthdays or weddings. I had one in front of me. It was mine …ALL MINE!!
As I took it out of the box I stared the fluffy pink icing laced with hearts and bit of glitter. Carefully resting it on the worktop I couldn’t resist sticking my finger in it and licking the icing off. It was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. Then all of a sudden I had an urge like no other, I lowered my head and flung it into the cake as if it was the softest most delicate pillow in the world. Nothing actually mattered I’d found paradise! At this point I heard the door open as I raised my head and opened my eyes and saw the boyfriend stood there staring at me like a woman gone mad. All of a sudden he walk over to me and started laughing and endearingly said ‘I’ve never seen you looking so attractive’. It was definitely the perfect end to a very imperfect day!

Jenn McCambridge- Fancie Guest Blogger.

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