Friday, 15 October 2010

Groupon offer

We recently ran an offer with the discount company Groupon- My City Deal for a box of 12 minis for £5 instead of £10- 50% discount.

Unfortunately, the deal was mis printed and stated that the voucher was worth £20. This has caused alot of confusion and understandably people are upset.

Groupon have issued a full explaination of their error and offered a full refund to any customers who don't wish to take up the offer.

This whole episode has been regrettable and something that was meant to be a nice treat for our customers- old and new- has backfired on us.

Rest assured we are taking steps to make this up to our customers and are grateful that those who have always supported us, still are.

As a good will gesture we have additional vouchers for all the customers who exchange their vouchers and would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience.

The matter is now being dealt with by our solicitors.


  1. Don't worry Fancie, your true fans still love you... i bought the voucher and will be coming in next week... i am super excited.

    A couple of people in my office got them since we love fancie, we work next to the uni and slowly every day is turning into a fancie day... good/bad/boring there is always a reason...

    have a great weekend ladies.

  2. Thank you, our customers have been fabulously understanding about it xx

  3. I was a bit suspicious when I saw the voucher to be honest and am not that surprised that it was a misprint. No worries though its not the end of the world if people really are regretting it then they can get a refund through groupon anyway :)

  4. but some cakes with the voucher are better than no cakes at all :o)